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Artist Statement

Being constantly surrounded by nature in my life I have developed a deep appreciation and respect for the Earth’s natural environments. In most of my art I explore the relationship humans have with their natural environments with emphasis on both climate change issues and creation care. My work incorporates lots of color, organic rounded shapes and movement. I’m proud of the fact that works such as Topsoil and Creation and Consumption are seemingly abstract, yet the simple information given in the titles reveal my intentions to the viewer. My inspiration ranges from the ephemeral art of Andy Goldsworthy, the precise pâte de verre methods of Kimiake and Shin-ichi Higuchi, and the joy of the kiln-formed murrine making perfected by Nathan Sandberg. These inspirations have worked their way into my art making primarily through the exploration of their processes, and I have found that even through the different explorations of techniques and applications my constant underlying messages of creation care and environmental activism stay strong. Making things that are three-dimensional allows me to consider different angles and directions a piece can move viewers in. Especially when advocating for the earth, I believe that seeing more tangible examples of the effects of climate change in art can bring about more awareness and action. As I continue to weave my passions of art and environmental action together, I will continue to create things that will inspire activism and remind people of the importance of our Earth.

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